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eximia treatment


Providing you with a non-invasive and safe solution, Eximia Concept is dedicated to redefining body contouring and anti-ageing treatments, shaping and toning the body and face with fast and reliable technology.

Eximia Concept was founded by brothers Emma and Luciano Soldano in 2007 with the goal of bringing a simple, effective, and safe solution to beauticians and medical professionals. With this vision, the brothers created their first prototype named ‘Resolution Seven’ in 1997. This was a pneumatic massage system with an orbital passive roller that worked in three stages; pause, suction and positive pressure.

Resolution Seven became a revolution for beauty devices using mechanical massage, which was extremely advanced at that time. The ten years between the first prototype and the start of Eximia Concept involved constant research and experiments in advancing new technologies used in the systems now available.

Eximia Concept machines have become a reputable and highly regarded system used by beauticians and medical professionals. It’s an internationally recognised system sold in over 60 countries. Since the start of Eximia Concept, we have introduced new and exciting multi-tech systems, such as Eximia HR77 Platinum, Eximia HR77 Platinum Anniversary and Bionix World.


Key Facts


Unlike other treatment methods such as liposuction and surgery, there is no downtime after treatments when using our machines.


Rather than waiting months for follow-up appointments, our machines allow you to provide treatments every day for faster results. There’s also no healing period, so you don’t need to wait to see the results.


Non-invasive machine treatments have no side effects, and it’s safe for all skin types to utilise our technology.